B1: How Can I Have Better Awareness of Myself?

Understanding and feeling comfortable with who you are and where you are coming from is important when working with newcomers. Think about who you are: It directly affects how you look at the world and interact with others.  You may want to ask yourself, "who am I and where am I coming from?" 

There are many different ways we can describe ourselves, and each of us includes and omits different personal characteristics in different situations. For example, we might give very different information about ourselves in a social situation (“I love to go hiking”) than in a job interview (“I have good computer skills”).

Each of us has many characteristics. These include nationality, place of birth, race, native language, ethnic heritage, gender, physical and mental characteristics, socioeconomic status, age, education level, place of residence, military experience, work experience, religious beliefs, communication style, hobbies – the list goes on.


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