C1: What Does It Mean to Have Awareness of Others?

We learn about other parts of the world in many different ways- from our own and other people's experiences, the media, movies, and books.

Preconceptions are thoughts and feelings we have about people, places, and experiences before we really have a chance to get to know them well. When working with people, try to put aside preconceptions you may have and remind yourself that each person is an individual.  In this section, you will think about some of your perceptions about people from other places and cultures.

Newcomers are sometimes viewed as one homogenous group, especially when they look alike. But newcomers represent many different nationalities, languages, and cultures. Even those from the same country may not share the same language or culture, and those that do share the same language and culture may differ in their individual beliefs and behavior. For example, an Iraqi may be a Muslim or a Christian, and an Iraqi Muslim may vary in how he or she practices Islam. Try to avoid making assumptions, not only about an individual’s country of origin, but also his or her religion, beliefs, cultural preferences, education level, immigration status, and so on.

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