B1: How Will This Training Help Me Become an Effective Mentor?

Why the Hartford Public Library?

The Hartford Public Library is the perfect place to train Cultural Navigators to work with recently arrived immigrants and refugees. Why? First, it is a hub for community residents. There is free access to many different forms of technology. In this common space, community residents can find information, enjoy recreational reading, and participate in programs that interest them. 

What will your role be as a Cultural Navigator?

As a Cultural Navigator (CN), you will need to use your good judgment and sensitivity as well as your knowledge of local resources. This online training program, along with the on-ground training that accompanies it, will help you to develop and improve your skills.  By the end of this training program, you will be able to better communicate with people from different cultures. You will support newcomers as they adjust to the cultural practices of their new home community. More importantly, you can help them become more fully involved in their communities. Participants who complete the activities in this training program will have the skills and knowledge they need to act as intermediaries between newcomers and the Hartford community. 
This online training program was developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics, which serves as a project partner with the Hartford Public Library. 

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Last modified: Thursday, 29 January 2015, 01:05 PM