B2: What Should I Expect?

How is the course organized?

The program consists of 11 separate courses. They can be categorized into 3 general subject areas:

  • Mentoring Skills (new arrival adjustment, cross-cultural communication skills)
  • Civic Engagement (immigrant rights, laws and responsibilities)
  • Community Social Services (health, safety, nutrition, and education)

Pre-assessments and post-assessments?  What are they? 

Each main unit begins with an introduction to the information covered in that unit.

A pre-assessment tests what you do and do not know about the topic.  The preassessment is followed by exercises designed help you understand the topic. The most common of these exercises is the critical incident—a made-up but real-life example of a challenge that CNs and their assigned newcomers might face. Units also include other types of exercises and interactive activities, videos, and pertinent readings and resources.

The unit concludes with a post-assessment, a series of critical incidents for you to problem solve situations you may encounter as a CN.  If you do not get all the questions correct, you can review the unit and retake the post-assessment as many times as needed.

The training program concludes with a Wrap-Up. This final exercise asks you to examine two case studies.  We hope that the training program exercises and reading will provide you with the knowledge to analyze these case studies.

How long should this training program take?

That depends on you!  Because this course is designed to be self-paced, it isn't necessary to finish it all in one or two sittings.  You can always pick up where you left off.  As you go through the course, you may find content you are more familiar with and, as a result, complete those sections quickly.  However, there may be sections that require a little more careful reflection.  

Are there specific terms I should be familiar with?

There are a couple different acronyms used frequently in the text of this online training program.  The two acronyms often used in this training program are: 

CN: Cultural Navigator; that is you!

HPL: Hartford Public Library

Another term used often in this course is: 

Your assigned newcomer (family)- this is the phrase used to describe the newcomers with whom you will be matched.

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