B1: How Would You Ask For Help?

Think about the ways you seek assistance, such as finding directions to a doctor’s office or looking for a job. How much do you rely on other people? Or do you prefer to do everything yourself?

Americans like to do things independently.  We also admire people who speak up and state clearly what they need. In collective cultures, people may be expected to behave quite differently. Also, a language barrier may affect someone’s ability and willingness to ask for help.

So far we have looked at how newcomers seek—or don’t seek—help from their CN or other Americans. Some seek help inapproriately; others don't seek help when they should. A different but related issue is the help that necomers are sometimes expected to provide for their relatives back home.

Click on the link below to test your understanding of how language barriers can affect your newcomer and reflect on you may be able to help them ask for help when needed. 


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