C1: How Do You Value Your Time? Is that the Same as Your Newcomer?

Different cultures view time and punctuality differently. Americans highly value punctuality, but other cultures may have a different sense of time and its importance. Because Americans highly value punctuality, they consider it rude not to let someone know that they are going to be late for an appointment. Here we look at cross-cultural differences in time management and strategies for resolving conflicts that might arise.

Our concept of time affects the way we work. Americans are generally very aware of time. They tend to be direct, to the point, and time-efficient. Time is money, many Americans say; it should not be wasted. Other cultures may value a relaxed, extended socialization period to build rapport before tackling the task at hand.

The following web link provides some helpful insights into time and punctuality around the world: Time and Punctuality Around the World.

Click on the link below (in red) to test your understanding of time management.  You will be asked to consider how you would communicate American ideas on time management and punctuality to your newcomer family to avoid conflict. 


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