D3: Can You Handle Conflict Well?

Although the partnership you are about to form with the newcomer family will most likely be rewarding, it may be challenging at times. As in any other relationship, you may encounter conflict when working with your assigned newcomer family. When this happens, it is important to remember that conflict within a relationship is normal. In fact, it can serve useful purposes: It can help raise and clarify problems, give direction to specific issues, motivate participation, and help people learn to identify and benefit from differing points of view.

There are many ways to resolve conflict, and we will be discussing some of these strategies in the critical incidents that follow. But the first important step in resolving any conflict is to recognize that it exists and needs to be dealt with. When conflict is ignored, it almost always becomes a problem, leading to more conflict, and sometimes inappropriate behaviors.

Click on the link below (in red) to access the next quiz which contains critical incidents on various conflicts you, as a CN, might face with your newcomer family.


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