D1: Do I Know What Rights Undocumented Immigrants Have?

Discrimination exists in the U.S. and there are legal means to fight it. But discrimination can be difficult to prove. And in some cases, what appears to be discrimination may not be discrimination at all.

For example, your assigned newcomer might apply for a job for which she is qualified. She is not offered the job, and feels it is because of her English proficiency. However, the employer offered the position to someone else who had a more flexible schedule.

Undocumented immigrants can find it difficult to protect themselves from discrimination. Although they have rights to social services (e.g., education for their children and membership at public libraries), undocumented immigrants may risk deportation if they go to a hospital or to the police for assistance. Also, undocumented immigrants may not be protected by anti-discrimination laws since they cannot always turn to authorities for assistance.

Click on the link below to test your understanding of the rights of undocumented immigrants.  After you have completed this quiz, you will have finished unit 5 of the Cultural Navigator course. You can then begin unit 6 on important laws we should all know about.


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