A7: What If My Newcomer Needs Access to Mental Health Care?

In the U.S., mental health is considered to be as important as physical health. However, your assigned newcomer may be coming from a culture where mental health is not considered important, or it may not be acknowledged at all. Traditional attitudes toward mental illness, and biases toward the mentally ill, may also prevent people from seeking help from mental health professionals.

Some newcomers are in a bind: They may feel emotionally overwhelmed by their new surroundings or past experiences, but they come from a culture where mental health issues carry a stigma. How would you help someone caught in this bind?

The quiz  below involves critical incidents in which you you must navigate your newcomer around situations involving mental issues. After completing this quiz, continue on to read about how to help your newcomer with food and dietary needs.


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Last modified: Saturday, 24 January 2015, 01:13 PM
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