B1: Finally!

Congratulations! You have completed Hartford Public Library’s online training program for Cultural Navigators.

You as an effective CN cannot single-handedly solve every challenge your assigned newcomer family may confront in their efforts to integrate into their new community, nor should you attempt to do so.

Keep in mind: 

  • Never hesitate to enlist the aid of other CNs and library staff members and always work to support your newcomer family's self-sufficiency.  
  • More important than the pieces of  information you impart to your newcomer family are the knowledge, skills, and confidence you will help them build so that they can support other newcomers in the future.
  • Finally, a word about the cross-cultural skills that have been the focus of the training. Be aware that what separates us as members of different cultures is less important than what connects us. 

You and your newcomer family are about to form a partnership that we hope will be rewarding, productive, and enduring. Thank you for your energy, good will and interest in making a difference.

Last modified: Saturday, 24 January 2015, 01:18 PM
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